Download, Install and Activate McAfee Retail Card
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McAfee LiveSafe (MLS) activation at : To activate and install your retail card you need 25 character long product key code and visit to redeem your activation code. If you need any assistance with your McAfee Retail Card product installation or activation call our toll free helpline or live chat with our experts.

When you go to a retail store or a retail site to buy a McAfee LiveSafe (MLS) these days, you are often offered retail cards. Such McAfee LiveSafe (MLS) retail card allows you to download your McAfee LiveSafe from the Internet instead of installing it from a CD. The benefit of having a retail card is that you get the most recent version of your product.

Steps to Redeem, Download & Install McAfee MLS Retailcard

  • Read McAfee LiveSafe (MLS) card both side for instruction of how to redeem the McAfee LiveSafe.
  • Visit activation link. i.e.
  • Fill in the form with full information which have been given on screen like E-Mail, Name, Country and etc.
  • Fill your retail-card’s key for McAfee LiveSafe (MLS) installation.
  • Click On ‘Submitt’ button and follow the upcoming instruction.

A McAfee CD or DVD is good in cases where internet connections are slow and downloading your McAfee LiveSafe can be problematic. They are also good if you want to re-install your McAfee LiveSafe quickly for some reason – as they have all the required files in one place. Yet, a DVD does not offer you the benefit of updating its programs and content on its own.

In many retail stores, McAfee sells Retail Cards that allow you to download your security product from the internet instead of installing from a CD. This ensures that the product you install is always the most recent version. If you just bought your live safe retail card from the store and facing an issues with Activation, download or installation then there might be you have some other conflicting software’s installed or may be you are not following the instruction correctly. If you want us to help you on activation, download or installation please call or live chat with support representative for instant support on your retail card products.

  • We can help to redeem your McAfee MIS Retailcard and install Live Safe security.
  • We shall locate the registration number on your McAfee MLS Retailcard.
  • Help for Login to your account or create an account if you are a new user.
  • Diagnose & Troubleshoot McAfee Live Safe Installation issues
  • Removal Of Conflicting Security Softwares

If you want to redeem your McAfee Live Safe Card please follow the web adress or If you have other Retailcard product then please follow the below web adress to redeem as per of your product version

Install and Activate McAfee -

McAfee antivirus security software helps users to protect their essential data in computers. McAfee scans all folders on the system to search, detect and remove harmful threats if any. McAfee total Protection safeguards your identity and helps make sure your private life stays private. The first thing McAfee antivirus do is detect all the harmful content from the computer,after placing original content at safe place. McAfee antivirus available to download for  Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android with both online ( and offline source(CD drive).

In many retail stores, McAfee sells Retail Cards that allow you to download your security product from the internet instead of installing from a CD. This ensures that the product you install is always the most recent version. Sometimes due to the virus or security conflicts issues can create problems for your security protection installation and then its process get more difficult to install McAfee for normal computer users but we are here to help you to fix those critical issues and successfully redeem, download and install your McAfee card products.

Step by Step Installation guide for McAfee product |

Before going to install McAfee antivirus you have to perform some steps:

  • Uninstall other antivirus software or other version of McAfee antivirus if you ever had installed in your device.
  • Make sure your internet connection is continuous throughout the installation process
  • Close all other applications and remove conflicting applications
  • Make sure that all pre-requirements are fulfilled | Activate McAfee with Retail Card (Activation code)

  • You can buy McAfee retail card online or you can buy it from a retail shop.
  • In next step you have to open and enter the activation key code of 25-letters and click on submit. The Activation key is available at the box of the retail card in case of offline purchase or in the confirmation email if you bought it online. 
  • Now enter your Email id and password to login into your account, if you are a new user, then click on register now button, fill all required information, click on I agree and verify your account by clicking on the link you receive in an email on your email id.
  • Now you will see your product on the McAfee dashboard, from where you can download the McAfee product.
  • After completion of McAfee setup Download process, double-click on the setup file.
  •  In next window Click on the button Next.
  • Now you will get a pop up of the User License Agreement in the next window. Here you will get a drop down list  so turn the “License expiry type” to Perpetual. And click on I accept the terms in the license agreement to agree on the statement and then click the Okay button.
  • In the next window, choose the setup type to “Typical”  and then click on the Next button.
  • Again in next window Choose Standard Protection then click on Next.
  • Click on the install button and wait til the process get completed.
  • Once installation process completes, click on the finish button and reboot your device to complete the process