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Mcafee LiveSafe is exclusive in the known fact a variety of prices programs can be found. These depends upon the amount of devices which require safety. This pack is therefore fitted to business conditions or during any situation when an individual takes a superior “firewall” to safeguard against existing problems. Various prices deals can be found; accommodating for specific budgetary requirements. This all-in-one advantage provides solutions for computers, smartphones and tablets. McAfee LiveSafe has gained numerous awards through the years which is one of the very most trusted bundles available today.

Mcafee LiveSafe is the best product in Mcafee’s sizable security stock portfolio. It is collection that offers basic safety for an unlimited variety of windows PC,  android and macs and iOS devices, plus a Web dashboard. There is 1GB of cloud-based storage space as well. Security collection that offers security for each face of your digital life. LiveSafe is not just an antivirus program-it’s extensive digital security for your cloud documents, your passwords, as well as your many, many devices.

Complete Mcafee antivirus software that offers ideal online security, identity protection and secure cloud space for storage. Mcafee antivirus Protects your all devices on every operating-system.

One frustrating aspect which is often associated with common antivirus programs is they are intended for an individual device. McAfee LiveSafe has superseded this disadvantage thanks to versatile technological solutions.

How exactly to Install Activate/Set up Mcafee Live Safe Security?

In our go through the easiest way to set up Activate/Setup McAfee Live Safe Security :

  1. Open a browser and go directly to the hyperlink : (Shown on your retail credit cards).
  2. Choose your language and country.
  3. Be aware: The enrollment and the web pages tries to choose the right region, but it could not understand this right always. Confirm that the spot is suitable before you keep up.

Type :

  1. a) The activation code from your retail credit cards.
  2. b) Your EMAIL.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. When prompted, be sure your e-mail is correct. In case your email is wrong : Click Edit and come back to the prior screen. Correct your email.
  1. Click Verify. Your subscription is activated.
  1. Follow the on-screen prompts to make a Mcafee accounts and install your Mcafee Live Safe Security Software.

Major Benefits and Attributes :

Advanced Security Protocols

Mcafee LiveSafe will protect the user against ongoing threats as well as those that might be waiting on the horizon. Such a proactive approach helps to ensure that sensitive information won’t be comprised and an operating system can remain free from potential hazards. This technology is the similar to that associated with enterprise-level to customers.

Protect your computer files  data, identity, and privacy on every device you own with Mcafee Live Safe

Mcafee Live Safe service provides trusted security with the convenience of a single subscription for all your Computers, Macs, smartphones, laptops and tablets to keep you and your family protected online. Comprehensive security blocks viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, unwanted programs, & more. Also comes with True Key identity Manager and secure cloud storage for photos and important documents.

  • In addition to protecting all of your devices from an individual subscription, our AV-Test ratings are excellent:A Perfect 100% detection score in the category “Detection of widespread and widespread malware”.
  • A Near-Perfect 99% rating in the category “Security against 0-day malware”.
  • No False Positives.
  • Excellent Performance test results.
  • Full marks in the category “important security features”.
Parental Controls

Established enough time your kids spend online & deal with the websites they visit

Secure Cloud Storage

Access your data files from anywhere using our safe online vaults

Password Manager

Store your all passwords in one secure dashboard

Secure Payments

Shop, pay and manage your all finances securely, entirely risk-free

Prevent Data Theft

Browse safe in the knowledge your data will never be compromised

Ad Blockers

Prevent pop-ups from hampering your time online

Protecting you online

Store all your logins in a single place and never forget a password again

consumer payment processing

Shielding your WiFi

Keep the all devices free from malware and viruses starting up couple home tablet

Covering your all devices

Encrypt your articles lock and documents them in secure digital vaults

gaming kids mom laptop

Guarding family members

Limit your children’s browsing by content, limit their time online

24 hour data theft protection

Gain access to your computer data and everything record anytime securety, wherever you are in the global world Important documents are locked and encrypted for your eye only Lock or delete your personal data files in case there is theft remotely

Safer socializing, shopping and searching

Mcafee Active Basic safety talks about suspicious materials and determines its risk

Extra security prevents your personal computer from sending away your own information to criminals

Blocks cyber crime systems and their malicious code from infecting your individual computer

What is contained in a Mcafee LiveSafe subscription ?

Mcafee LiveSafe is more than award-winning antivirus basic safety just. Your subscription carries a collection of all service to keep you safeguarded online including anti-spam email filtering, security firewall, password protection, document encryption, and free customer care, all along with this 100% warranty of infections removed or your cash back.

What os’s does Mcafee LiveSafe support ?

Your Mcafee LiveSafe regular membership can protect one PC or register all of your devices. Mcafee works together with Windows Computer systems(10, 8.1, 8.7), iOS(9 and higher) smartphones and tablets, and Google android (4.1 and higher) smartphones and tablets. Permit pertains to personal use on backed devices you possess during your membership; see system requirements for details. Some features may need additional configurations.

How do you protect my existing devices with Mcafee LiveSafe ?

While establishing McAfee LiveSafe, please complete enrollment by getting into a valid email to make sure your running the latest available version. Once registered, a contact from McAfee will be sent to the e-mail address with links to download additional security. Simply gain access to the e-mail from an unprotected device and follow the on-screen prompts.

McAfee LiveSafe is a high internet security program created by McAfee. Its personal firewall, antivirus security and identification theft tools are appropriate for all os’s and devices. Since one permit protects an unlimited variety of devices, you only need to buy the scheduled program once to secure all of your computers, cell tablets and phones. The program includes parental holders that enable you to set time limitations and stop dangerous content. LiveSafe’s performance improved in recent third-party bank checks, which is considered a higher choice now.

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